This installation is made of cords, ropes, lines, twine, chains, strings, yarn, cables, wires, belts and other similar materials that were washed onto the Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The ties were intended to capture and hold with some measure of permanence not just things but, more significantly, an ideal quality of life. Climate disruption caused by human-driven global warming is making our lives increasingly difficult regardless of our effort to tie them to a state of security. The sculpture also affirms how people tend to bind together in extreme events showing an inspiring personal and collective capacity to overcome challenges. Personal stories interwoven in a social cohesion and in a collective purpose to rethink how to deal with the harmful effects of a changing climate.

Ties that bind is on view at the Noyes Museum.
October 3, 2014 - January 11, 2015

Ties that bind
Ties that bind
mixed media
floor installation 28x32 ft -variable